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Lacrosse Rebounders | 2 types - Click on Products for Details

So What's the difference???  We are asked this all the time, so let me explain:


Let's talk about the rebounders.  As you know we have two both of which serve different purposes with some cross over.


Pro 72 Rebounder:  This is for a player who has at least a full year of experience and has decent ball handling skills.  When the ball is thrown at this rebounder, the rebound comes back at the player very quick which works on the reflexes of the player to catch the ball.  This can also be used on conjunction with a lacrosse goal.  When my boys are practicing by themselves they set up the Pro 72 near the goal, throw at the rebounder and then catch the rebounding ball (simulated pass) and then shoot on goal.  Good training.  Takes about 25 minutes to set up max, mainly due to putting the elastic bungees on the tubing  (a little tedious).


The Lacrosse Wall or LAX Wall is very effective for both newer and experienced players who are working on both their dominant and non-dominant hand.  (lefty and righty as we call it).  This unit does not fire the ball back at you like the Pro 72 but simulates throwing the ball against the wall as coaches tell each of their players to do to enhance their ball handling skills.   This also very good for advanced players and a high school middies and attackmen as they can practice quick sticking and especially one handed quick sticking.  Takes about 3-5 minutes to assembly, very rugged and will last for a long time.


Hope this helps!!


Lacrosse Wall by CrankShooter

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Pro 72 Rebounder by CrankShooter

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Replacement Net & Bungees for the Pro 72 Rebounder

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