Vote YES @ Change.Org to Bring Back Lacrosse as an Olympic Sport in 2024

After watching the Olympics over the last two weeks, there seemed to be something missing.  That missing sport was lacrosse.  One day last week I happened to make a comment on our CrankShooter Facebook page about how Lacrosse needs to be in the Olympics.  As many of you know, we have had a great time talking Olympics and Lacrosse since then with thousands of you responding.

Now it's time to put our actions to work.  When I started CrankShooter, it was an act of passion for the game.  This follows right along that same path.

So I am calling on Lacrosse fans to jump on board and go to our petition to the Internation Olympic Committee and vote to have Lacrosse in the 2024 Olympics.  It only takes a few seconds and you can start by clicking right here!

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DJ Kuras


Kelly Terry

Yes! Please bring it back

Guy Bax


Dave Diaz

Vote yes!!

Anita Raum

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