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Stationary Backstop System 10' x 30' & 3mm net by Crankshooter® FREE SHIPPING

Stationary Backstop System 10' x 30' & 3mm net by Crankshooter® FREE SHIPPING

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The 10ft x 30ft Crankshooter® Stationary Backstop System is over engineered for toughness.  In the design process of this net we conducted research and interviews about what people didn't like about other backstop nets. Once we gathered this information, we implemented our findings into the design so we could offer the very best product to our fellow lax players!  


Here are some of the changes:

1.  Added a top cord to support the top of the net

2.  Added additional support ropes

3.  Added a bottom line to keep the bottom of the net in place

4.  We have longer stakes so they will not pull out of the ground

5.  We made our high strength net thicker for durability, 3.0mm versus 2.5mm using super twist technology

6.  All components (except for stakes) are black so they will blend into the background whether on the field or in your backyard.

7.  1.25" diameter x 1.4mm thick powder coated metal support poles

8.  Weatherproofed in all weather conditions.


Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Bill Gross
Great backyard addition

This is a strong, sturdy product. Be patient, read the instructions first, pick out the right area, and you’ll be just as happy as we are. We are so thrilled we found Crankshooters!

David Senkbeil
Got what we need

It’s working great for what we need for a K - 8 elementary school.Easy to put up and help the kids from chasing balls.

Jeff Snyder
Good Quality

Sturdy. Easy assembly. Solid net.

Jerry Standford

Stationary Backstop System 10' x 30' w/3mm net by CrankShooter®

Lee Moses

Stationary Backstop System 10' x 30' w/3mm net by CrankShooter®

Steven Flanagan
Great Product - I have a Question

Is it possible to angle the two end anchors so that the two end poles curve like the 10' x 30' portable backstop? I like that way that portable backstop stretches the top support wire. (I have the 10' x 30' portable backstop and I like the way that one performs. )

Michael Paulos

Works well, using it to stop errant basketballs from leaving the patio area where we have a portable hoop set up.

Kyle Wachtstetter
Works for Basketball

*30’ product*
Applied 20 feet, centered behind my backboard, turned 90 degrees and went 10 more feet. I can throw the basketball anywhere at the net and it bounces back. (I do not recommend doing this, but as stress test - proves it works to stop any occasional air ball or errant pass) A couple things to be aware of - the installation is much more flexible than you may think, exact 10 foot increments are not required, only recommended. I found that the anchor system and stabilizer ropes allow for support at any increment pole space 10 feet or less, and cannot exceed 30 feet max (net limit). Be careful hammering in the stakes, damage will require some metal work to be done, although there is a spare everything (small parts, strap, anchors, stake), so I learned my lesson once and made sure not to mess up again. Once you set and remove the yellow foot markers, you will barely notice the net, blends in well.



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