At CrankShooter We’re Not Exactly Like the Rest.

  •  We didn’t start with a high-level strategic plan to conquer the lacrosse world like the big boys.
  •  We didn’t even plan on this business escaping our community.
  • All we wanted to do was to design, and manufacture bulletproof products and get them in the hands of lacrosse players at affordable prices and help grow the sport…I guess it caught on.


Welcome to, a place where we bring the highest quality lacrosse nets and lacrosse training aids to market directly from our factory.
Our products are tough and UV/weather proof — made to stay outdoors year-round in even the toughest conditions.
And best of all our company is owned 100% by a true lacrosse family (coaching/playing/supporting!) While in the first years of our entire warehouse was run by lacrosse players from order processing to warehouse workers, today we have moved to a full daytime workforce to provide same day shipping and streamlined inventory controls.  
So, how did this all start?  

My name is Dale and many of you know me from emails or phone conversations. Our company started from frustrations with having lax nets continually failing and having to over-pay to replace them, or warranties that the big boys wouldn’t back. Have you ever read on a web site “purchase as is, no returns?” Every time I see that one I think, “how ridiculous!”

Years ago when my two sons 11 and 13 came to me asking for allowances I saw a great opportunity for a life lesson!

After much discussion about allowances my sons and I worked on putting together Yes, our initial logo, The CrankShooter man (since retired), seemed a little juvenile, but then again when your 11 and 13-year-old sons and their friends are helping design the logo, what else would you expect but a hulk-like figure with a lacrosse stick!

Fast forward to today and my sons are still playing lacrosse in high school and college and still have an intense passion for lacrosse. We love what we've been fortunate enough to put together over the years.  The biggest reward has been the great life lessons our young lacrosse player staff was afforded to be able to work through high school earning money linked to a sport they are all so passionate about!

Today we ship all over the country. We have shipped products to every state except for Alaska and Hawaii and we have a blast talking lacrosse to our customers throughout the country. We don’t sell a thousand different products, but what we do sell, they are the best in the industry.

So whether you are a current customer or a potential customer, we’d love to help you and answer any questions we can about lacrosse and our products.

How tough are our nets? partnered with and supplied the 4mm nets to the major League expansion lacrosse team, The Charlotte Hounds as they broke the Guinness Book of World Records for longest lacrosse game in history! Our 4mm nets stood up to the relentless pounding and with no sign of wear after 12+ hours of absolute abuse, our nets stood tough! Please keep in mind, normal 4mm nets are never recommended for Major League Lacrosse games, only elementary school players, but ours stood the test!