Alpha's A-Series Mid Flex Carbon Lacrosse Shafts (NEW) FREE Shipping
Alpha's A-Series Mid Flex Carbon Lacrosse Shafts (NEW) FREE Shipping Alpha's A-Series Mid Flex Carbon Lacrosse Shafts (NEW) FREE Shipping
$ 139.99


Our Mid-Flex is designed with the offensive player in mind. Its distinct attention to detail allows for unrivaled feel and control, setting a new bar for the potential of what players can achieve. The distribution of flex evenly throughout the entire shaft creates infinite loading points, generating greater shaft speeds through pass and shot progressions, without sacrificing strength in the midpoint of the handle. When the game moves into overtime, when exhaustion sets in, when it becomes necessary to push the bounds of reality, this shaft comes through, making you The Alpha Player. When pride and glory are on the line, The Alpha Player requires a handle as resilient as his determination. Designed with the two-way Middie in mind, the Stiff Flex is as unforgiving as it is irresistible. By reducing flex throughout the shaft, the Stiff Flex allows Middies to drive and push without feeling the shaft bend or bow, delivering the stopping power all great Middies demand. Perfectly balanced flex throughout the shaft makes checks consistent and vicious; makes GB’s effortless and unquestioned; and makes time and rooms a goalies worst nightmare. Uncompromising, consistent, tough, all hallmarks of a great two-way middie, and implemented in the design of this next generation handle. 

Utilizing the highest-grade carbon fiber on the market isn’t just a requirement for us, it’s a baseline from which we grow; a foundation upon which we provide unparalleled products. Our cutting-edge Carbon Power Technology (CPT) is designed to escalate potential energy by loading and unloading force within the carbon fiber. As the shaft flexes and returns to its original shape, it increase the force delivered to the head of the stick, resulting in faster shots and pass - es. The structural characteristics of our CPT maximizes the strength to weight ratio, while maintaining consistent shape throughout strenuous conditions. Simply put, our CPT technology increases speed and power of a players pass and shot, reduces the energy needed, and maintains its shape no matter how many checks are delivered. Groundbreaking. Innovative. Alpha. “ #carbonpowertechnology #AlphaLab