$ 425.00
  • Increases shot speed and accuracy by promoting range 
    of motion and overhand shooting
  • Proven to enhance a shooter’s biomechanics and technique 
    for shooting on the run as well as time and room shooting
  • Trains shooters to get hands up and away from the body
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors with easy set-up
  • VERY rugged and designed for long term league/team use




I want to take this time to introduce you to the Throttle. This training device is unlike any other on the market. As you probably know, for years coaches have been using two goals to train their athletes to shoot overhand and get their hands away from their body. The Throttle replaces that goal you shoot over. Three features make it ideal for training. One, it's adjustable in height so you can taylor it to your specific shooter. Two, it has a breakaway system that allows a player to shoot at full speed without the worry of breaking their stick over the cross bar, injuring a shoulder, or taking a ricochet off the for-head. Third, it's fully collapsable for easy transportation.
We've had multiple top-tier college programs use this product and they love it. 


~Coach Cottle, Coach Chesapeake Bayhawks