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How Tough Are CrankShooter™ Nets?   VERY TOUGH!

How Tough Are CrankShooter™ Nets? VERY TOUGH!

To prove out our design and workmanship several years ago we partnered with the MLL Charlotte Hounds and supplied them with our smallest nets available, the 4mm CrankShooter™ net to prove a point.  The challenge was to see if our nets, meant for elementary school players, could hold up to the beating from an MLL team. So what better venue than when The Charlotte Hounds played for over 13 consecutive hours to break the Guinness Book of World Records for longest lacrosse game in history at that time! Our 4mm nets stood up to the relentless pounding and with no sign of wear after 13+ hours of absolute abuse and a 140 to 140 final score. We'd never recommend a 4mm net for an MLL team, only elementary school players, but ours stood the test!  Since then we have continued to upgrade and provide our lacrosse family the toughest nets you can buy, we guarantee it!
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