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MUST READ-How to Choose a Net lacrosse nets 

Why use the hi-strength polyester replacement net? Because it will last longer, perform better and and give you the biggest bang for your buck compared to other lacrosse nets on the market.

Are you are new to Lacrosse or have questions about what size replacement net to get?  Here's how we look at sizing nets based on our experience as coaches and as a manufacturer regarding net placement within age groups:  

  • Elementary School 4mm nets,
  • Middle School 5mm nets,
  • High School/College 6mm nets, 

***Recommendations are based on our years of experience.

The typical lacrosse goal nets that comes with a lacrosse goal today from big box stores are a 2.0mm or 2.5mm nylon net typically, some are poly nets. These nets not only cannot handle a high velocity shot from a 12 year old without having the net break in many cases, but they will rot and have material breakdown during the first months of use (See Images at the bottom of this page  to see the results of a 12 year old shooting at net after 4 weeks) 



Specs on the nets compared to other nets on the market:


High quality polyester netting, Why use our hi-strength 1000d polyester?

    • Vs. Nylon it is much more durable in outdoor conditions
    • Vs. Nylon it does not absorb water which cause rope rot in nylon.
    • holds up in climates with both lots of sun (natural anti-UV Ray properties) and lots of water.
    • Think about roping at marinas...they are polyester because how well they handle water and UV Rays.
    • This polyester is very soft, so soft you could use it as a pillow.

    ** Our Large net fits a 6' x 6' x 7' standard lacrosse goal. Meets NCAA standards. 
    ** Our Box Lacrosse nets come in various sizes to meet eh need of goals in the Box Lacrosse community,

    ** These nets are also trimmed with a multi-stitched reinforced fabric to make these much more durable than the ordinary replacement nets.

      ** We include 110 feet of lacing cord! How frustrating is it to spend the time to do a great lacing job on the goal only to come up short on lacing cord, no worries on running out of cord when you have 110 feet.

        ** nets have a pocket built into the net at the rear corner of the net to provide a stable anchor point for the net to attach to the frame. Most nets DO NOT have this feature or they have copied ours. It is important to have this because it keeps the net from pulling away from the frame which will allow balls to go through the net, it also makes the lace up of the net much easier at the rear apex of the goal.

          ** CrankShooter has also included 4 quick ties to anchor the four front corners quickly. This makes installing the net much easier and quicker and reduces the headaches of net installation which can be quite frustrating.

            ** The lacrosse replacement nets are ALL priced to be the very best quality net for the price, period! Whether you are looking at a 4mm, 5mm, 6mm or 7mm net, there is no comparison in the market to our nets when you look at quality, toughness and price.
            ** nets have the durability, toughness, longevity and quality that will be by far the best investment for anyone looking for a replacement net. Why replace your nets every year when the CrankShooter nets will last much longer.

                Examples of poorly made 2.5/3.0 mm net and what happens in the first weeks of use.