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About Us

Welcome to CrankShooter, Here's Our Story

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Dale and I’m the owner of Crankshooter.  Along with updating our new website, I thought we should explain just who we are and how we got here.

The first thing you should know about Crankshooter is that we started, and are currently run by, a Lacrosse family. Like many of you, we are neck deep in lacrosse.  From my time coaching, along with my two sons who played (and were successful at both state championships and national college championships) we know a thing or two about the sport.

So obviously, we love the game like many of you do.  We started like most companies do: we found a problem with the quality of the products we were using, mainly nets at the time and set out to solve the problem.  So together, with my sons, we set out to make nets better.

That was in 2010.  We worked out of our garage, selling only nets. Our logo was created by twelve-year-old kids (from my lacrosse team at the time) and very closely resembled the incredible hulk in lacrosse gear. I still laugh when I think about that. It was a fun start and educational for my sons as we launched a business around the sport we loved.

As the company grew, so did our space.  We moved into one warehouse and then another.  With my sons now in high school, our new workforce was the local JV and varsity lacrosse team players. They would hit practice after school, then go to the warehouse to “pick and pack” orders. They were each paid by the shipment. These kids would hustle with the music cranked up and all of them chirping at each other. It was so much fun watching them in action.

With the company expanding and the kids graduating, we made yet another move into a much larger warehouse with more staff and room to grow. My sons and their teammates were heading off to college and working part-time when they were home. During this growth, we constantly make adjustments so we could continue to provide the lowest prices and best quality products in the industry while maintaining superior customer service. With our awesome call center staff, warehouse staff, and logistics/Quality Assurance planning, we still felt like that small family-owned business that started so many years ago.

Today, Crankshooter continues to have that small company feel but with an incredible management team.  Our main office staff all played lacrosse at high levels and several continue to coach at the college level. This helps us to keep our hand on the pulse of what players and teams need for equipment.  We all pitch in where needed when you call or email. Don’t be surprised if I’m actually answering the phone from time to time or answering your emails. To me, it is still so much fun to chat with our lacrosse family members and work hard to put that W in the win column for our customers each day.


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