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Women's Lacrosse Headgear FAQs for 2017

Women's Lacrosse Headgear FAQs for 2017

Women's Lacrosse Headgear FAQs for 2017

There seems to be a lot of controversy on women's headgear.  One camp seems to think it will lead to rougher play and the eventual requirement for even more padding while the other camp which seeks out the obvious, safer play.  What are your thoughts!

Here's where it stands from US LACROSSE.  

Points of Emphasis

  • The use of headgear is optional in girls' and women's lacrosse.
  • Any headgear used after January 1, 2017 must meet the ASTM standard, F3137.
  • The ASTM standard, F3137, is a performance standard, not a design standard.
  • Product designs will likely vary from one manufacturer to another.
  • Products must provide full coverage of the head.
  • Products must be worn with required ASTM women’s lacrosse eyewear.
  • There must be marking on both the packaging and product that states that the headgear conforms to ASTM standard F3137.

What does the standard mean?
The ASTM standard is the first-ever performance standard for women’s lacrosse headgear, developed to help reduce impact forces associated with stick and ball contact in women’s lacrosse.

Will the new headgear prevent concussions?
The headgear standard was developed to decrease ball- and stick-to-head impact force. No headgear or helmet in any sport has been proven to prevent concussions.

Is the use of headgear required?
No. Headgear remains optional in the US Lacrosse Youth Rule Book and in the USL/NFHS Rule Book.

When will this headgear be available?
Headgear products have begun to be available in the marketplace, as of September 2016. US Lacrosse will soon begin an online listing for headgear models that have submitted a passing report in compliance with ASTM standard F3137.

What does this mean for the 2016 season?
During the remainder of 2016, both current soft headgear allowable under the 2016 rules and any headgear that meets the ASTM standard will be legal for play. US Lacrosse encourages parents, program administrators and athletic directors to contact the manufacturer of gear already purchased for information on compliance to the new standard.

Will the new headgear be soft?
ASTM standard F3137 is not a soft headgear standard and the standard itself makes no mention of the word "soft." However, the testing protocol does require that the product meets a certain flexibility to insure that players who are wearing the product do not injure those who are not.

How much will the new headgear products cost?
Products will vary in cost and design. US Lacrosse does not have further details at this time on the cost and look of headgear. Please contact manufacturers for more information.

What will the headgear look like?
The ASTM standard requires the headgear to fully cover the head, thus precluding the use of head band type products currently used by some players. All headgear must be worn with required eyewear, and some headgear may have integrated eyewear. The standard has two options, allowing manufacturers to make their headgear with eyewear implemented or a product that is compatible with various eyewear products currently on the market.

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I played both in High school and Division 1 in college without headgear. I played goalie in high school for 3 years and goalie and defense in College as well as coached high school for 3 years. I feel headgear will encourage more rough play amongst student athletes. Is the clinitrical sphere bubble around the head going to be the same?

Krystin Mahoney Henderson

I think that if the girls sport will eventually have helmets. Just suit us up like the boys gear and let us play! Especially if people think that the headgear we are piloting will eventually lead to rougher play.

Wei Chenh

If your going to require head gear why not a normal helmet and have them play boys rules.
The girls game is not only slow due to the constant whistles, it is plain painful to watch due to all the whistles. My daughter has played both and perfers the boys rules. If you make this helmet change, make the rules change as well. It will not only make the game more fun to watch, it will increase attendance and inttest as well!


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