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High School/College Game Goal 6'x6'x7' by Crankshooter® 118 lbs. Posts w/ Lacing Rails & Flat Iron Base, Heavy 6mm or 7mm WHITE Net Included - Free Shipping

High School/College Game Goal 6'x6'x7' by Crankshooter® 118 lbs. Posts w/ Lacing Rails & Flat Iron Base, Heavy 6mm or 7mm WHITE Net Included - Free Shipping

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COMES WITH WHITE NET (Pictured with black net in images)

Crankshooter® Pro/College/High School Lacrosse Goal.  

  • Constructed with heavy duty 2.0" x 2mm steel pipe.
  • W 3" x 3/8"-thick flat-steel ground bar with lacing rails allows for more goal stability.
  • mitered corners, reinforced welds. 
  • Meets NFHS & NCAA Specifications.  
  • Multiple-piece construction with 2" orange powder-coated, heavy-duty steel tubing.
  • One-piece welded rail with mitered corners.
  • Goal assembles in minutes.
  • Includes the 6mm or 7mm triple stitched WHITE college lacrosse net.  Hi-Tension Polyester, 100 ft of lacing cord, made by Crankshooter®
  • 6mm Net: For High School Boys and Men's College Teams
  • 7mm Net: For Elite High School Teams, Men's College Teams and Pro Teams

ITEM: Crankshooter® Goal Frame + Net, 118 lbs

Goal Material:   2.0" Steel Pipes, Mitered corners, reinforced bottom brackets, 3/8" flat iron base legs.  6ft x 6ft x 7ft NCAA Spec
Properties: Orange Powder Coating for weather resistance.
NET:  6mm or 7mm Heavy College net, 6x6x7, triple stitched, Hi-Tension Polyester, 100 lacing cord, made by Crankshooter®
Weight:  118 lbs.

100% satisfaction guarantee!



Why do we place our base lacing rails on the outside of the base goal legs…it makes our goals NCAA LEGAL and SAFE. Here’s why:


  1. Safety: Having a top rail on the flat iron base was/is causing injuries to players. As players are getting more aggressive and falling on the back of the nets due to being pushed or just tripping onto the net, the lacing rail on top of the base leg of the goal can cause injuries in the form of a broken bone or lacerations in some cases. So we decided to move the lacing rails to the outside of the base bar so it would lay down flat below the base bar profile to eliminate the hazard.


  1. Goals: It was also determined that the top lacing rail was not allowing the goal to capture the ball properly and balls were hitting the rail and bouncing out where a ref may not call a goal if he wasn’t positioned properly or close enough, to see the ball inside the goal before it bounced back out (thinking it just hit pipe and bounced out and was not a goal). According to Section 3 of the NCAA lacrosse specification document for goals, a top lacing rail on the base legs of a goal are illegal because it allows the ball to re-enter the field of play when a shot is deflected back into the field of play by the lacing rail. This is why we do not use metal tubes for the base bar as well at this level. See section 3 below with highlighted text for the NCAA language.



From the NCAA specifications for goals-section #3

"Lacrosse goals shall be constructed in a manner such that when a ball enters the goal mouth and is in fact a goal, it shall not reenter the field of play. The recommended goal for natural- surface fields is an in-ground goal. The vertical posts shall be 7 1/2 feet in overall length and shall be inserted into 1 1/2 foot by 2-inch vertical sleeves that are inserted into the ground, exposing 6 feet of vertical post above the ground. The sleeves shall be capped at the bottom, and the top of the sleeves shall be at ground level.

On fields where an in-ground goal cannot be used or on an artificial-surface fields, the following goals are acceptable and legal:

a. Flat-iron goal--(recommended for use on artificial-surface fields) Each vertical post shall be 6 feet in overall length and shall be attached to a piece of flat iron at the bottom. The two flat irons, each attached to a vertical post, shall meet at a point 7 feet back from the center of the goal. The maximum thickness of the flat iron shall be 1/2 inch with no part of the flat iron extending into the goal line."


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Drew Brandt
Tough Goal

The goal was shipped quickly, is very strong, and durable. Not your typical easy to bend goal. It took a couple of us to carry down to the backyard. Had a couple issues with tit that were immediately covered by the company. Exactly what I was looking for.

Nicely made

Very happy with this goal. Spent the extra for the flat bottom, and thicker net. It's very sterdy and went together with ease. Shipping was incredibly fast, I had it built and laced in between stuff in 2 days. My little one loves having her own net!

Gretchen Minges
Great product with Fanta customer service

We are extremely impressed with this lacrosse goal. We are on our third goal and this is by far the most superior goal that hopefully will last for the next couple years. Not only are we super impressed with the product, the customer service has been phenomenal. We were able to get a hold of Crank Shooter ASAP with any questions we had. I highly recommend the product and the company.

Joel Rose
As advertised

Great shipping speed and quality of construction. Nets were great.

Rebecca Risner
Excellent quality!

We purchased 2 lacrosse goals before buying this one. They were awful to assemble and the net ripped within a few months. This goal is in a different league! It’s simple to put together and so sturdy. Very happy!

Jeff Dyl
Icing on the Cake to Our Backyard Field Turf Project

The real deal. We just finished installing field turf in the backyard and wanted to complete the install with a new goal. Caution it is heavy and is very hard to move with one person. Not an issue for me because the mowing days are over
Shipping was fast and the packaging did a good job protecting the finish of the goal. The box was pretty beat up but since there were 3 separate boxes for each section inside the large box everything made it without a scratch. Set up was simple with hardware and wrench included. Stringing the net was easy with the string rails and the 7mm net fits snug and there was plenty of lacing string to double up corners and top bar. Kids cant be happier.

Charles Boyle
Two Goals - Excellent Purchase

The goals were easy to assemble, great quality and lots of fun for the whole family!

jim weiss
Very Nice

Very happy with this goal. We purchased it with the 7mm net. Quality materials, solid construction, SOLID LAX goal. Every bit the quality of the high school regulation goals he uses.



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