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Crankshooter® REP-IT™ Advanced/Intermediate Lacrosse Rebounder - Free Shipping

Crankshooter® REP-IT™ Advanced/Intermediate Lacrosse Rebounder - Free Shipping

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The REP-IT™ is the ultimate tool for Practicing your stick skills. Strong side, weak side, this training unit will get you dialed in quickly! Made of extremely durable poly fiber mesh and a rust proof steel frame, this REP IT™ Rebounder will last years. 
This rebounder is for the more advanced player wanting to fine tune their lacrosse hand-eye coordination, as well as developing faster hands - as the return speed is roughly faster than your pass speed.
Players have the choice to stand close or slightly further away than the typical rebounder. The faster you throw at it, the faster/further the return will be. 
Guaranteed performance for all ages - with regular use, a player will develop faster, consistent and more accurate hands. 
Coach / Dad to 3 LAX Players05/24/2022

Great for experienced players wanting to go to next level

"Crankshooter did a great job developing this next evolution in bounce backs for players looking to improve their skills. The ball returns like a pass and when tossing encourages the player to remain focused on a good throw. My 12 year old son who plays elite level travel immediately said after the first time it was going to enhance his stick skills."

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

My son absolutely loves this Rebounder, excellent return speed.


Best one out there for price

Crystal Brown
Very durable

My son loves this thing. He’s been practicing for lacrosse season on this every day. It keeps him occupied and he’s getting some really great practice time in. It’s super durable and I can tell it’s going to last a very long time. Thanks again.

Gregory Lichtenstein
Easy set up

The kids love it, very well made and easy to put together

Glad Crankshooter Added This

Before Crankshooter added this advanced rebounder, I purchased a $700 (Yikes!) All Ball Pro rebounder, so we have not tried this one. However, based on the similar design (like a tennis racquet), it seems that Crankshooter has now answered my request back then for a lower cost option. With this type of rebounder now being much more affordable, I urge parents of kids (at any age) who love lacrosse to buy this instead of the old fashioned rebounders. Having a ball return that perfectly mimics a pass is worth its weight in gold. You can also angle it to practice one-handed grabs, or use it to feed for shooting practice. Working on it close up does wonders for one's reflexes, and allows the player to catch at virtually every angle imaginable. My daughter is heading off in August to play for a top D1 program, so I can attest to how useful a rebounder designed like this is for those willing to put in the work.

Robert Gasalberti
Laxin Wall

I just replaced my Lax wall with the crankshooter Rep-It.
It is a great training tool.
Its return speed is much better than other products i have used in the past(STX rebounder) . Easy to assemble as well as light weight to move around.
I like the fact that the frame is rust coated as my previous rebounders have rusted and not usable. Will see how it stands-up to the elements.

Jeremy Kain
Solid Deal

Good performance for the cost. We bought five for our club. They were easy to assemble and are light to move from place to place.

Eric Girocco
Great rebounder

The mesh is tight and give a good bounce. Better then the 3 others i have tried



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