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Shot Training COMBO - LaxRadar & Hi-Impact Shot Trainer by CrankShooter® GOAL/NET NOT INCLUDED - FREE SHIPPING

Shot Training COMBO - LaxRadar & Hi-Impact Shot Trainer by CrankShooter® GOAL/NET NOT INCLUDED - FREE SHIPPING

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Consistent use of the Hi-Impact Shot Trainer is guaranteed to increase shooting accuracy and precision  - especially when combined with use of the LaxRadar offering instant speed feedback. This is a GREAT training method for specialized shooters of any age, boys and girls. 

DIAL IT IN with your catch and shoot abilities, or your shot on the run. The Shot Trainer will let you know if it wasn't accurate (believe us) and the LaxRadar offers instant feedback letting you know how fast the shot was. Everyone can and should work on their shot speed and accuracy, and this combo is the means to do so. 

*** NOTE - Goal is NOT Included


  • Records instant and accurate speed readings from 3 to 150 mph
  • Speed recall feature stores the last 10 recorded speeds
  • Voice feature announces speed reading. Clear and can be heard from a distance of 100+ feet. Can be turned on or off
  • Bright LED display for easy visibility
  • Displays miles per hour or kilometers per hour
  • Hands-free operation allows the radar to be used by a single person
  • Portable radar can be used anywhere - practice at home or on the lacrosse field. It also works great when used for soccer, baseball, hockey and various other sports where speed can be measured.
  • Battery-powered:  Requires 5 AA batteries that are not included
  • Includes an adjustable tripod that sits low to the ground. It can also be adapted to most other tripods with a screw mount. Screw threads on LaxRadar are universal.



Hi-Impact Shot Trainer:

This ruggedized shot trainer has added triple stitching and other numerous features that make this THE toughest shot trainer on the market.

  • Ruggedized Trampoline material for the shot face
  • Made for NCAA Regulation Spec 6'x6'x7' Lacrosse Goals
  • Double X box stitching on all strap connecting points
  • Triple Stitching on all nets edges (welting)
  • Oversized rivets to reinforce double box stitching
  • 2” wide industrial strapping for connecting material
Why is this the Hi-Impact Shot Trainer THE MOST critical piece of offensive training equipment for ages 7-15?  Accuracy! Anyone can shoot hard and score goals while standing 10 feet from an empty 6' x 6' open goal. But in a game you'll have a goalie in front of you,  as well as defensemen - and you're not going to score goal unless you can accurately place your shot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bill R
Easy set up, works great straight on

Got it for my 3 kids and the competition started immediately! Works great, the speed gun can even register speed from behind the goal with the shooting trainer in place. If you shoot from the side, it won’t give you an accurate, or at times any speed.

Michael Burrell
Great purchase

This is a great combination purchase. Good value.



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