Hi-Impact Lacrosse Shot Trainer for 6'x6'x7' Goal by CrankShooter™ -Triple Stitching - FREE Shipping
Hi-Impact Lacrosse Shot Trainer for 6'x6'x7' Goal by CrankShooter™ -Triple Stitching - FREE Shipping Hi-Impact Lacrosse Shot Trainer for 6'x6'x7' Goal by CrankShooter™ -Triple Stitching - FREE Shipping Hi-Impact Lacrosse Shot Trainer for 6'x6'x7' Goal by CrankShooter™ -Triple Stitching - FREE Shipping
$ 89.99

The CrankShooter™ Hi-Impact Lacrosse Shot Trainer with artwork from The Art of LAX. is for the Big Boys.  This ruggedized shot trainer has added triple stitching and other numerous features that make this THE toughest shot trainer on the market.

  • Ruggedized Trampoline material for the shot face
  • Made for NCAA Regulation Spec 6'x6'x7' Lacrosse Goals
  • Double X box stitching on all strap connecting points
  • Triple Stitching on all nets edges (welting)
  • Oversized rivets to reinforce double box stitching
  • 2” wide industrial strapping for connecting material
Why is this the Hi-Impact Shot Trainer THE MOST critical piece of offensive training equipment for ages 7-15?  Accuracy! Anyone can shoot hard and make goals while standing 10 feet from an empty 6' x 6' open goal, but in a game you'll have a goalie in front of you as well as defensemen and your not going to make a goal unless you can accurately place your shot.
ITEM: HI-Impact Lacrosse Shot Trainer
Material: Trampoline Fabric | Hi strength Industrial 2"strapping | Over sized Stainless Steel Rivets | Industrial Stitching
Properties: UV/Weather Proof
Size: Fits 6ft x 6ft x 7ft NCAA Spec Goals - Easy on/Easy off 2" velcro connectors.


Nobody pays attention to the rugged details more than we do at CrankShooter.com

*** Goal is NOT Included

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Repeat Customer

Great customer service and quality products.
I am always able to find what I am looking for and I find the quality of the products to be better than what you find in the local sporting stores.
I am a repeat customer and will continue to be so...

Great Product

Very well made. Durable. I use for 5th grade team, and it holds up very well.

Great net

This is an extremely high quality net. We have bought so many that were flimsy and fallen apart within weeks of buying them. I expect this net to last for years. My son seems to really like it.

Shot Trainer

Durable shot trainer. Easy to put together. My son has enjoyed using it and Dad doesn’t get bruised by all the shots anymore.

Works great

Works great


New shot trainer adds to my crank shooter net and rebounder helping me to improve my skills in my backyard. Product is well constructed and works well!


Hi-Impact (NEW) Shot Trainer by CrankShooter™ -Triple Stitching - FREE Shipping

Delivery was an issue but the trainers are great

The delivery website (Not CrankShooter's) said the trainers were "out for delivery" on a Thursday, no problem, I didn't need them until Saturday. They didn't come on Thursday. On Friday, the delivery website said, "out for delivery." Again, no problem I needed them for Saturday. They weren't delivered. On Saturday, the delivery website said, "delivery by the end of the day on MONDAY!" Problem! I had to go out and buy trainers at a local retailer for our tournament on Saturday and Sunday. The trainers arrived on Monday. CrankShooter is normally EXCELLENT in getting things to you in a timely manner and I don't really blame CrankShooter, their method of delivery was the issue. So I'd give 5-stars for the trainers and ZERO stars for the delivery.

Scott, we are so sorry that FEDEX didn't come through when we needed them to. I looked at your order and we shipped immediately. FEDEX is typically very good at 1. quick delivery and 2. no damaged products during shipment as others do, so we ship primarily all FEDEX. As the owner of the company this will certainly be on my agenda with my FEDEX rep. We apologize again. Dale@CrankShooter