CrankCage Backstop - 14' x 10' x 7' by CrankShooter® (Introductory Price) Ships Free
$ 249.00

Whether on the field or in the backyard, the Crankshooter® 14' x 10' x 7' CrankCage is perfectly ideal for a player that wants pure shooting practice with tons of reps AND for goalie training. The backstop conveniently snugs up around a goal so that you won't have to chase a single ball. As long as you don't need the area behind the net for simulated gameplay, this backstop is perfect for anyone wanting exclusive shooting practice for corners and posts AND for developing goalies without fear of searching for missed shots. 


  • Features

    • Components all snap together quickly and is up in a matter of minutes.
    • Designed as a backstop to enclose lacrosse goals to catch missed shots
    • Design in an all-black color scheme so it will fade into the background and not be a distraction to the lacrosse player shooting on goal or if used in a residential setting at home, the black blends into the landscape. 
    • All structural components are steel. 14’ x 10’ x 7’ deep. Tubes are 1.5” with 1.2mm thick steel and powder coated for weatherproofing and longevity.
    • No tools or mechanical skills required to assemble. Easy setup.
    • Netting is a 3mm poly weatherproof black net.
    • Extended front base legs for stability
    • Weight: 83 lbs
**** This is a new product, all CrankCages are black in color.  New marketing pictures are pending.

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Buy this won't be disappointed!

Very good quality product. Better price and much better design and functionally compared to the Smart Backstop product we purchased a few months ago.