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120 Certified Game Balls, only 147.99!

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NEW Crankshooter® TX1 Extreme Grip™ Elite Lacrosse Game Balls - Enhanced feel & grip - Qty 60 (5 Dozen) 1/2 Case - Meets all NFHS/SEI/NOCSAE/NCAA Specifications. Fully Certified. INTRODUCTORY SALE PRICE!

NEW Crankshooter® TX1 Extreme Grip™ Elite Lacrosse Game Balls - Enhanced feel & grip - Qty 60 (5 Dozen) 1/2 Case - Meets all NFHS/SEI/NOCSAE/NCAA Specifications. Fully Certified. INTRODUCTORY SALE PRICE!

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The New TX1 Extreme Grip™ Elite Lacrosse ball was designed for next-level ball control.  Fully certified by NOCSAE, SEI, NFHS, and NCAA for gameplay, the new TX1 ball delivers incredible multi-directional grip for pro-level ball control and a design that gives this ball a 100% longer ball life on the field.  What’s unique, is the texture design.

TX1 ball design was influenced and engineered after the “Steel Plate Traction” design found on all construction equipment.  This proven metal plate diamond design has proven itself to provide maximum traction/grip from all angles and is superior to all other designs.  Crankshooter® has brought this design from bulldozers to the lacrosse field, utilizing the design for toughness and traction.

The #1 ball used by NCAA lacrosse programs, Premier high school programs, and lacrosse families across the country.  Crankshooter® balls are freshly molded according to the newest design and materials testing set forth in the most recent testing doctrine by NOCSAE® and SEI.  These balls meet the NCAA and NFHS standards as well for high school official gameplay.  All packing comes with a born-on date ensuring you are NOT getting 3-year-old stale balls.  Formulated with premium rubber and our new Extreme Grip™ design. 

Why Crankshooter®?

  • We aren't a huge megastore, we don't stock a year's worth of balls, we stream them in as needed to keep the balls fresh and we prove it by having a "BORN ON DATE" on each package.  Nobody likes stale balls.
  • We pass on our shipping discounts directly to our customers.  Go ahead and compare our prices+shipping against anyone, Crankshooter will come out on top every time.
  • Our balls meet the very latest NOCSAE/NFHS/SEI and NCAA specification.  See our SEI certification below (the governing body for NOCSAE testing). Does your ball provider have this?
  • Don't be fooled by claims that there is any difference in NOCSAE/NFHS approved balls, as for bounce, density or weight.  SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) has seen to that.  They have tightened their most recent specifications up to the point that there is no perceivable variation between balls.
  • Our balls are RUBBER not SYNTHETIC RUBBER.  Rubber Crankshooter­ balls will come out of the box with a great "grip" for accurate passing, shooting and pro-level ball handling.  Synthetic "long life" rubber balls come out of the box lacking grip, go ahead and test this out for yourself. If you're a coach, you already know this.
  • Stocking:  When we are out, we say so.  We know how important our players and teams need balls.  If we're out we will make sure we guide you to someone who has balls in stock. Because it's not all about us, it's all about growing the game.


Make sure ANY balls you buy have proof of a CURRENT certification as shown below for all Crankshooter® balls



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Delivered timely and real high quality product!

LAX mom
LAX player loves

My son found your site and needed newLAX balls for at home practice. He says these are awesome! I love the communication and super fast shipping!

Sarah B.
Love the new Extreme Grip balls!!!

I have 4 lacrosse players on both rec and club teams. They all love the grip and feel of the new TX1 Extreme Grip balls. If they last us longer than a year or 2 before turning into greasers I'll be a happy mama. They were the perfect addition to go with our crankshooter rebounder, for home practice.

Mike Alexander
Team Loves Them

I got these bright green TX1 balls primarily to use in snow/wet conditions. My team loves them. Very sticky in the pocket. Throwing them actually takes some getting used to as they tend to hang in the pocket a split second longer than standard balls. A few of these balls have made it into my standard bucket and the kids always pick the TX1s first.


Great grip for a nice price!!

Walter Nazarenko
TX1 Extreme Grip Balls

My Grandson and his team said that the TX1 balls were great to practice with. The highly recommend them

Peter Hamilton

I coach boys and girls youth lacrosse. I needed a ball with extra grip for my shooting, cradling, and stick trick segments of practice. All the coaches, and kids loved them. They definitely allow you to do some extra things, thanks to the extra grip they offer. I’ll be buying more in the near future.



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