Pro 2 BLU (Blue Net) Rebounder by CrankShooter™ - FREE Shipping
$ 99.00
Why The CrankShooter™ Pro 2 Rebounder?
  • Gain exceptional ball handling skills when used regularly.
  • Very responsive rebound to develop quickness and reflexes.
  • 1.5" powder coated stainless steel tubing: This is all about stability especially for older harder throwing kids.
  • 72" high and double sided.  Why practice by yourself when you can have a friend practicing with you.  Identical opposing sides.
  • Multiple adjustable angles for variability for the player. This will help with handling the ball from various angles, simulating game situations. This is very important, how often does the ball come from the exact same angle in a game? Point proven.
  • Easily assembled
  • Nets are iron clad and will last for years.
  • Very price competative with FREE Shipping