Stationary Backstop System 10' x 30' w/3mm net by CrankShooter®
Stationary Backstop System 10' x 30' w/3mm net by CrankShooter® Stationary Backstop System 10' x 30' w/3mm net by CrankShooter® Stationary Backstop System 10' x 30' w/3mm net by CrankShooter® Stationary Backstop System 10' x 30' w/3mm net by CrankShooter® Stationary Backstop System 10' x 30' w/3mm net by CrankShooter®
$ 180.00

The 10ft x 30ft Crankshooter® Stationary Backstop System is over engineered for toughness.  In the design process of this net we conducted research and interviews about what people didn't like about other backstop nets. Once we gathered this information, we implemented our findings into the design so we could offer the very best product to our fellow lax players!  


Here are some of the changes:

1.  Added a top cord to support the top of the net

2.  Added additional support ropes

3.  Added a bottom line to keep the bottom of the net in place

4.  We have longer stakes so they will not pull out of the ground

5.  We made our high strength net thicker for durability, 3.0mm versus 2.5mm using super twist technology

6.  All components (except for stakes) are black so they will blend into the background whether on the field or in your backyard.

7.  1.25" diameter x 1.4mm thick powder coated metal support poles

8.  Weatherproofed in all weather conditions.


Customer Reviews

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Para boli

Perfect net

Great net. Well made and easy to assemble.

Love the way you guys tied that into the fence! Thank you for the great rating as well.
Backstop nets

The nets are stronger and studier than the one have. Only issue 1 part was missing from one box of the 5 we bought. On calling to inform crankshooter, they were friendly and professional and promised to send it out right away. They have been great to work with from start to finish.


Stationary Backstop System 10' x 30' w/3mm net by CrankShooter™

Seems like a durable product

Crankshooter quality for sure. Manageable but not easy to set up, and make sure you plan extra room for all the tie-down stakes and guy wires. Their permanent option would have been a better fit for the endline of our particular field.

Nice Product

Has a lot of positives: Easy set-up, well built net, strong poles, works great. Negatives: instructions not detailed enough for novices and most of all, the anchors (stakes and ropes), along with creating trip hazards, are not practical for tight areas.
Net definitely accomplished the intended purpose.

Great Service!!

I Talked with Harry and explained to him one of my poles on my crank shooter and goal combo that I bought from him back in 2013 broke and I needed a new pole. as my son has gotten older he shots quite a bit harder now and that goal has taken a lot of shots. Harry told me to send him some pictures to make sure he sent me the proper one. One week later the pole showed up NO Charge! and he included the other side pole because i'm assuming he figured the other side might not be much farther behind LOL! Being able to adjust the sides of the net in, is a plus, especially on those angle shots! Thank You! Harry Great Service! and a Great Product!! It has saved me a lot of dents and broken windows on my Garage

Smart Design

There is a lot to like about this backstop. There are a number of cross braces with tighteners that give the poles additional support and the netting is good quality. It's easy to put together although you should budget a few hours. A few areas for improvement: the end posts (the ones that go into the ground) are a bit short, the top string doesn't provide all that much tension and the poles, which are in three sections, have a little play in them. In setting it up, I figured out some ways to address these small issues and I think most will be able to do likewise. Overall, this is a good backstop at a good price.

Thanks for the review Matthew. The stationary backstop does take a little time to set up mainly due to the additional improvements we have added over the years. Improvements such as the top line to prevent sags and the bottom line to prevent balls from kicking under the net. (Sorry for the very detailed instructions!) I always tell customers to plan 45 min to an hour max and read instructions first. On the poles that go into the ground (Spikes as we call them) that size was the happy medium we found because folks in Ohio with loamy soils like longer ones, while those in Nevada have a tough time driving them 3 inches into the ground. Thanks for your review, have a great Fall season!