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The Iron Net by Crankshooter® - Custom Netting (All Sizes ) Call for pricing, 1-855-529-7468.

The Iron Net by Crankshooter® - Custom Netting (All Sizes ) Call for pricing, 1-855-529-7468.

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Custom made for backyards and small spaces up to  
Large Sports Complexes

**These are popular for backyard nets as well as end-line nets

ITEM: The CrankShooter IRON NET™ Custom Backstop/Barrier Net
Properties: UV/Weather treated Nylon Knotted hi strength netting, 1.5" openings. Edge Roping is #3 Diamond Braid Black Polyester 325 lbs Tensile Strength
Average Field Life: 10-15 years
Color:  Black
Size: Any size from 10'x10'  up to 80ft x 2000ft

Price:  email for pricing and design assistance, if needed. 


Lacrosse Backstop Netting made of the highest quality 100% Twisted Knotted Nylon Netting on the market, Dupont 66-728, with UV Protection & weather treatment for extra durability and longevity. All nets come with rope borders.  Crankshooter's Iron Nets™ are perfect for protecting property and people. 

NET GAUGE #36: This is the strongest lacrosse backstop net on the market. As a result, our #36 nylon lacrosse net will last 10+ years as a backstop. The thickness of this net is a little more than half the thickness of a pencil. It is ideal from backyards all the way up to professional MLL teams. Our netting has a breaking strength of 345 lbs. Especially relevant, with a square mesh size of 1-1/2″, this net is made specifically to stop lacrosse balls, hockey pucks or similar balls.

To ORDER please email the
 size of the net (total length and height)  We will get numbers back to you quickly for your purchase.

**Support poles and installation not included in pricing.  Netting only.


Made In The USA

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