The Iron Net by CrankShooter-Custom Netting (All Sizes ) Call for pricing.
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Custom made for backyards and small spaces up to  
Large Sports Complexes

**These are popular for backyard nets as well as end-line nets

ITEM: The CrankShooter IRON NET™ Custom Backstop/Barrier Net
Properties: UV/Weather Proof Poly 2000 hi strength netting, 1" openings. Edge Roping is #3 Diamond Braid Black Polyester 325 lbs Tensile Strength
Average Field Life: 10-15 years
BURST STRENGTH:  450 lbs (almost a quarter ton)
Color:  Black
Size: Any size from 10'x10'  up to 80ft x 2000ft+
Installation:  professional installation available for larger projects.
Price for smaller projects up to 10ft x 75ft: 
NET:  $0.48/square foot for net (EDGE ROPING NOT INCLUDED)  
EDGE ROPING:  $1.35/linear foot for edge roping; bound to net by #3 Diamond braid roping at every square (Edge roping is highly recommended)


The UV impregnated high tenacity polyester engineered fiber is manufactured exclusively for CrankShooter. With a twist in the yarns we have added tensile strength while maintaining a low coefficient of drag and minimal wind load. This ultimately translates to a stronger net without added support structure.

To ORDER please email the
 size of net and if you want edge roping or not.  We will get numbers back to you quickly for your purchase.


***For larger projects, please contact Dale at  or Call 1-855-LAX-SHOT for custom quotes.
**Support poles and installation not included in pricing.  Netting only.


Made In The USA