Lacrosse Wall by CrankShooter™
Lacrosse Wall by CrankShooter™ Lacrosse Wall by CrankShooter™ Lacrosse Wall by CrankShooter™ Lacrosse Wall by CrankShooter™
$ 169.00

The CrankShooter™ Lacrosse Wall is a very tough built product that was designed with longevity in mind.  Consisting of weatherproof powder coated steel construction for the frame and hi-strength weather proof polyester that's tightly woven into a 4' x 3' rebound area, this product is built to last.  This product is 61 lbs., and although it is easily assembled in a matter of minutes, we suggest adult supervision when putting this together.  Each unit comes with stabilizing feet, the ability to adjust the wall angle to meet the player's requirements and hi-tensioned pre-assembled industrial springs for a true wall feel when practicing.


Why The CrankShooter™ Lacrosse Wall?

  • Gain exceptional ball handling skills when used regularly.
  • Extremely sturdy 1.5" powder coated stainless STEEL tubing: This is all about stability especially for older harder throwing kids.
  • Almost 8 feet high (7'-8") and 4 feet wide: This is ideal for the lacrosse player who may prefer a taller rebounder when practicing..  The CrankShooter Lacrosse Wall is focused on having the player throw head high shots as in a game.
  • fully adjustable adjustable angles for variability for the player. This will help with handling the ball from various angles, simulating game situations. This is very important, how often does the ball come from the exact same angle in a game? Point proven.
  • Easily assembled but adult supervision is recommended since this is a substantial piece of training equipment at 61 lbs.
  • Great for working lefty/righty and quick sticking
  • Folds Flat for storage

The Rebound surface is a woven hi-strength polyester:

  • The properties of this type of polyester is water proof and designed to fully resist UV damage.
  • 7 rows of stitching with industrial polyester heavy threading on the perimeter of the rebound area designed for extensive use.
  • Very tightly woven poly-strands secured  by ruggedized hi-tension industrial springs for longevity.


Customer Reviews

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Speedy swevice

Ordering and delivery super quick and easy. Have not taken it out of the box yet - birthday surprise!

Sturdy construction; spring tension

Solid, well constructed. Should stand up to throws from HS player

Love it

Love it

provided the resistant needed to return ball

provided the resistant needed to return ball

Easy set up , quick delivery

I expected more bounce back than it is giving